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Dynamics in microbiome in water in a sole RAS aquaculture commercial farm

Researchers from CIIMAR and ICBAS from University of Porto published an article improving knowledge about dynamics in microbiome in water in RAS aquaculture commercial farm of sole (Solea Senegalensis). This production unit, as detailed in the study, consists of four systems: a weaning unit, a pre-fattening unit, a reproduction area and an open system for larval culture. […]

Nanoparticles in aquaculture webinars 16th and 18th February

“Nanoparticles in aquaculture: should we be concerned?” webinars will take place on the 16th and 18th of February as part of NANOCULTURE project. We emphasize that the session on February 18th will be presented in Portuguese, with the contribution of Dr. Begoña Espiña, Leader of the Water Quality Research Group at the Iberian International Nanotechnology […]


CIIMAR Researchers found that dietary glycerol inclusion decreases growth performance and nitrogen retention efficiency in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).    The study now published in Aquaculture , shows that despite increasing feed intake, dietary glycerol inclusion levels have negative effects on growth performance, rising the nitrogen excretion. In addition, dietary refined glycerol does not spare the use of proteins […]

Collaborative Laboratory for Blue Bioeconomics B2E

The Collaborative Laboratory for Blue Bioeconomics (CoLAB B2E), headquartered at UPTEC Mar, in Matosinhos, Portugal, is a new non-profit association that aims to promote the blue bioeconomy, stimulate the creation of qualified jobs that generate economic and social value in Portugal in the biotechnology and aquaculture sectors, and contribute to new uses and enhancement of […]

FEEDNETICS Webinar organized by SPAROS

SPAROS orgnized a free FEEDNETICSTM Webinar for academic users, that took place on the 1st and 2nd of July. FEEDNETICSTM is a prediction tool for fish farmers and aquafeed formulators and can be now used also by the academia to assist planning and management of nutrition growth trials, aquafeed formulation and general research about the […]

MAR2020 supports environmentally sustainable aquaculture projects

The Sea is of particular importance in Portugal and should be viewed through an integrated approach addressing all its potentialities, resources and challenges. The development and sustainability of the economy of the Sea is a unique opportunity for Portugal. MAR2020 operational programme is supporting and promoting environmentally sustainable, resource efficient, innovative, competitive and knowledge-based aquaculture.  […]


The CIIMAR PhD students’ committee is organizing the first CIIMAR students meeting entitled Blue Think Conference: Share Science, Spread Knowledge. Our aim is to gather all students affiliated with our institute in a casual and relaxed environment to share the outputs of our works. The presentations will be divided into three sessions that will be framed in the […]

Madeira Out Of The Box Aquaculture Project

There is an aquaculture company at Madeira Island, Portugal that, with the support of Mar 2020, invested 1.2 million euros in the modernization and expansion of its production unit at Ribeira Brava. To know all about this project, visit the project vídeo at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVYkSm39NFk&feature=youtu.be

Mealworms might be better suited to sea bass diets than the larvae of black soldier fly

Sea bass fare better on diets containing protein from mealworms compared to protein obtained from black soldier fly larvae, according to new research. In the study, researchers from CIIMAR in Portugal looked at the apparent digestibility coefficients (ADCs) of five commercially available insect larvae meals used in diets for European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juveniles. […]

Webinar on the future of FEAMP 2021-27 in Portugal

In the week in which Europe Day is celebrated, the Sea Management Authority 2020 participated in a webinar on the future of FEAMP 2021-27 in Portugal organized by the Platform of Portuguese Non-Governmental Organizations on Fisheries – PONG-Pesca. This cycle of online conferences comes at a time when the European institutions are discussing what the […]