WorkPackages and Activities

The main objective of Access2Sea is to improve the exploitation and preservation of natural assets:

  • By unlocking the existing barriers (legal/regulatory, technological, existence of suitable areas in costal zones, social acceptance) to provide the industry with technical solutions to give aquaculture businesses access to shore
  • By enabling onshore production
  • By disseminating existing and new solutions and providing support to the aquaculture SMEs, to fix them or attract them to the Atlantic Area This way it is expected to enable SMEs to assess spatial opportunities to settle in the Atlantic shore new aquaculture business, supporting them in exploiting the natural assets in a sustainable way as well as in improving its performance through the improvement of their business model and be better accepted by local communities It is also expected that Access2Sea improves the co-operation between stakeholders, business support organisations, research institutes, national and regional administrations and local councils facilitating the innovation and knowledge transfer in Aquaculture sector.


In this section, you can find the different Work Packages and Actions that we will carry out in the framework of the project.

WP0 Project Preparation.
WP1 Project Coordination.

This activity will be carried out directly by the main beneficiary, in collaboration with the rest of the partners.

The Work Package contemplates the external and internal coordination of the project, as well as all the activity of justification and financial management of the same.

WP2 Comunication

This work package that will focus on the needs and objectives of the project in terms of internal and external communication. It will be led by the CEEI Bahía de Cádiz in Spain.

WP3 Capitalization

Capitalization is a process by which existing information and knowledge is analyzed and evaluated, as well as the knowledge generated within the framework of the project, in order to make it available and disseminate it to other organizations or regions, through the evaluation of results.

WP4 Space planning to encourage aquaculture activities.

The main objective of this action is to address the problem of space aquaculture, building and validating a common methodology.

WP5 Development of social acceptability methodologies.

This action will assess the status of the level of social acceptance of aquaculture in the project territories and identify methodologies and initiatives that prove to be efficient to improve social acceptance with respect to the economic / productive sectors to define a specific methodology that should guarantee a fair level of social acceptability.

WP6 Construction of business models for aquaculture farms.

This activity aims to improve the business environment and the growth and job creation of the aquaculture sector in the project territories, addressing the key factors that impact the performance and sustainability of the companies in the sector.

WP7 Pilot project.

This action will have as its main objective the use of commercial opportunities detected, support sustainable aquaculture activities (new and affected) and improve the social acceptance of these activities.