New paper on lumpfish welfare

Research led by Swansea University scientists at the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research (CSAR), published in Reviews in Aquaculture on the 18th of July 2021 offers 16 practical solutions for improving the welfare of lumpfish and illustrates the merits of the Delphi approach for achieving consensus among stakeholders on welfare needs, targeting research where is most needed and generating workable solutions.

Text by Dr Sara Barrento
Image credits: @CSAR


Precision Aquaculture in the Blue Economy talk now available to watch

The keynote by Dr Sara Barrento on the 26th of June during the free webinar on Precision Aquaculture in the Blue Economy is now available to watch on YouTube (timeline 14:50).

Dr. Sara Barrento introduced the topic and showcased the importance of precision aquaculture through the Access2Sea project in lumpfish welfare management and restorative farming.

Text and images by Dr Sara Barrento

Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research, Swansea University