A European project to promote new recycling methods in the fishing industry

INDIGO is an Interreg European project that brings together 10 partners between France and UK to develop biodegradable fishing net and to improve the recycling of fishing gear.

“The main expected result is to develop a prototype fishing gear that is resistant and biodegradable in the marine environment. Professionals from the fishing and aquaculture sectors have been involved in the project from the beginning to ensure that the new products meet their needs and that they can then use them. The aim is also to influence new regulations.”

INdIGO aims to cover the entire fishing gear production chain, from formulation, filaments manufacturing, to prototype net development. The deployment of the net at sea, durability tests and technical and economic analysis are also planned. Finally, a life-cycle analysis will be completed to avoid pollution transfer.
As part of the project, a mobile application to locate fishing gears that have already been lost has been developed and is available on the website of the project.

To get more information about the project: http://indigo-interregproject.eu/en/