“Cluster Algue” in Brest: an exciting concept to promote the Algae sector

The « Cluster Algue » is an exciting concept developed in Brest (France) to promote the algae sector.

In 2018, «Le Pays de Brest », an organisation aimed at supporting the economic development in Brest’s area, created “Le cluster Algues” to support the algae sector to grow. This initiative is part of the economic development process of the “Campus Mondial de la Mer” which is an organisation that promote innovation in the marine sector in western Brittany (France).

With a unique algae biomass by its quality, diversity and quantity, the presence of a large quantity of innovative business, universities and research centers that work on the marine sector, Brest and its surrounding has huge potential to develop the algae sector.

This cluster enables the different stakeholders of the algae sector to work together (producers, research, public…). Algae cluster’s main objectives are:

  • To strengthen R&D and transfer to algae’s businesses.
  • To structure algae supply to make it efficient and sustainable.
  • To develop synergies and cooperation to stimulate the local algae sector.


Find more information about the Algae Cluster (French): https://www.tech-brest-iroise.fr/Nos-outils-Cluster-Algues-2976-21-0-0.html

Find more about the « Campus Mondial de la Mer » (English): https://www.campusmer.fr/Overview-3576-0-0-0.html