How to set up an onshore aquaculture site with seawater supply?

Investir en Finistère with its partner Technopole de Quimper Cornouaille and supported by professional federations and experts have just edited a guide to support aquauclture farmes. This methodology book details and explains all the steps to set up a project: from ratio and data to technical and legal indicators. Including practical analysis grids, this document helps to assess the suitability of a site.

This methodology is intended for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are embarking on an onshore aquaculture project requiring seawater pumping, whether linked to an offshore concession or on their own and concerning different activities: shellfish farming, seaweed cultivation, fish farming, marine biotechnologies according to their specific needs,
  • Technicians from public organizations and communities who are supporting a project on their territory or who wish to equip a site.