Togra Mara Access2Sea: Call for Expressions of Interest/Application launched

Pilot project IRELAND

The application process for Access2Sea’s Ireland pilot project is now open, the deadline for receipt of applications is July 7, 2021 @4pm local time. Click below to download Gaeilge and English application forms.

Léiriú Spéise ACCESS2SEA Gaeilge 110621

Expression of Interest ACCESS2SEA_Eng 110621



The information below is an excerpt from the programme manual for Access2Sea explaining the pilot Action 3’s stated objective to “…manage a pilot marine site in Ireland to demonstrate innovative, technology-led and cost-effective models and practices to add value to aquaculture products in a sustainable manner.”

To that end, the application/expression of interest form has called for:

“Expressions of interest containing elements of cold storage, algae drying and ice facilities as described in the project manual, as well as innovative technologies would be welcomed.”

Programme Activities

Údarás na Gaeltachta will assume responsibility for managing the development of a marine pilot-site in Ireland.  Through providing dedicated infrastructure, facilities and services, this development initiative will add value to aquaculture products in a sustainable manner drawing on the endogenous marine development resource within the region.

Through the programme implementation, Údarás na Gaeltachta will build effective collaborative partnerships with private sector enterprises and industry-led sectoral clusters trading in national and  international aquaculture markets.

The pilot project will be located in the Atlantic coastal districts of Ireland’s Gaeltacht regions.  The project will integrate the effective combination of renewable energy and smart technologies and develop a series of valorisation protocols which will be both scaleable and replicable across other rural and coastal development environments.  The dissemination strategy will target industry stakeholders, sector-wide consortia and public development agencies with a marine-resource development remit.



Action 3: Sustainable aquaculture activities Pilot Project (IRELAND: ÚDARÁS + WESTBIC)

In collaboration with its business development partners at Westbic, and in association with marine enterprises of regional scale and significance which will be drawn from the Údarás na Gaeltachta’s current client base, the agency will develop and manage a pilot marine site in Ireland to demonstrate innovative, technology-led and cost-effective models and practices to add value to aquaculture products in a sustainable manner.


  • Identify and recruit companies located within the Gaeltacht region trading in aquaculture products (algae, finfish or shellfish).
  • Building on the sector-specific commercial and enterprise development knowledge-base which will be developed under WP 6, and based on the scientific and technical input from other partners delivering on the objectives set out in the other WPs, the agency will identify and prioritise those developments which demonstrate clear capacity to deliver new valorisation opportunities within the aquaculture supply chain.
  • In conjunction with industry partners, and through deploying renewable energy and smart technology design, the agency will build and commission a bespoke unit to include a cold room, a dryer for algae, an ice plant for fish. These infrastructure and facilities will maximise the quality, viability and shelf-life of the goods.
  • Through working with scientific partners drawn from the regional HEIs and marine research and development agencies, the agency will link with regional industry stakeholders to undertake a demonstration project aimed at developing innovative and efficient techniques to add value to aquaculture products.
  • Monitor, document and evaluate the process outputs generated through the investment in the pilot marine site
  • Provide customised training interventions targeting marine industry stakeholders to develop skills, knowledge and capacity at industry level in relation to the valorisation of products
  • Profile the pilot project as a demonstration initiative with relevance to the aquaculture sector within the region, throughout Ireland and amongst the broader regions from where the consortium partners are drawn
  • Identify the possibilities for scaling-up and replicating the pilot project by examining the technical dimensions of the process, the cost benefit analysis and the return on investment measures which the project will generate with a view to establishing a larger scale, commercial plant in the medium-term
  • Document the process and the results of the marine pilot site through the production of a technical factsheet as part of an overall case study report which will examine the commercial and technical feasibility and potential impact of future investment on a larger commercial scale
  • Communicate this knowledge to other partners and stakeholders in the other regions of the project through partner meetings, site visits, media website and other media platforms.
  • Disseminate the results of the marine pilot site through various marine fora.